Specialty Fabrication

Our specialty fabrication services can design and install re-useable insulation pads and insulated metal panels for both thermal and acoustical control of mechanical systems. Manufactured for easy assembly and access by maintenance mechanics in the industrial, commercial and marine markets. We utilize the latest technology and materials for chemical resistance, durability, heat reduction and safety.

Our Services and Capabilities Include:


•  Flanges and Valves

•  Pumps and Boiler feed-water equipment

•  Steam and Gas Turbines

•  Heat Exchangers

•  Exhausts

•  Compressors and Generators

•  High Temperature Ducts and Dryers


Advantages of Removable Insulation:

Designed to allow production equipment to function as specified and reduce energy costs as well as re-insulation expenses.

Can be installed while system is in operation

Not subject to damage from vibration and impact

Customize for non-standard equipment sizes

Allows for easy access to inspect or repair mechanical equipment